BlackLine 400/500



Wallius' new BlackLine welding system combines the best benefits of the latest in inverter and digital control technology.

The small but highly powerful 400 and 500 A power sources operate as MMA welding machines, power sources for gouging or as DC power sources for TIG welding including LIFT ignition. In connection with MMA, the machine has a separate programme for cellulosic electrodes.

By connecting the machine with an LM 50s wire feeder, it can be transformed into a synergic MIG/MAG machine, and if connected to an LM 50 PULSE wire feeder, the machine becomes a full-blooded synergic dual pulsed MIG/MAG device.

Especially when welding aluminium or stainless steel, pulsed MIG/MAG welding produces spatter-free welding that is more effective than the traditional MIG/MAG method.

The machine can be equipped with a liquid cooling device for the torch, and an extension cable as long as 25m between the power source and wire feeder.

Technical Details

Connection voltage 3~400 V 50 Hz

Rated power 26.0 kVA

Fuse size 32 A

Load capacity 40°C ED 500 A / 50% (BlackLine 500)
  ED 60 % 450 A (BlackLine 500)
  ED 100% 400 A

Welding current circuit   5 – 500 A (BlackLine 500)
    5 – 400 A (BlackLine 400)

Open circuit voltage MMA 83 V

Protection rating IP23S

DC TIG Lift ignition Yes

TIG soft stop Yes

MMA Welding For 1.6–8mm electrodes

Hot Start starting current Yes

Arc Force arc control Yes

Anti Sticking sticking prevention Yes

Programme for cellulosic electrodes Yes

Gouging Yes (up to 8mm electrodes)

MIG/MAG synergic With LM 50s wire feeder

MIG/MAG synergic dual pulse With LM 50 PULSE wire feeder

Width 400mm (without wheels 280mm)

Height 1,450mm (of which power source 680mm,
cooling device 230mm,
wire feeder 540mm)

Length 980mm

Weight 110kg (of which power source 63kg,
cooling device 25kg,
wire feeder 22kg)

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