BlackLine TIG 281 AC/DC

BlackLine 281

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Synergic power source for TIG AC/DC and MMA welding

The BlackLine TIG 281 AC/DC is a technologically advanced 3-phase inverter power source for AC and DC TIG welding and MMA. The machine can be equipped with a BlackLine liquid cooling device for the torch.

Where special weld strength and tightness are required, the AC TIG method is an ideal solution for welding aluminium, magnesium and alloys based on these metals.
In the case of non-alloyed steels, stainless steel and copper, DC TIG welding is preferred.
The DC and AC mixing function significantly improves penetration when welding thicker aluminium materials.
The synergic ignition control function of the arc guarantees accurate and fast ignition. Welding thin aluminium sheets is easier thanks to the arc focusing function.

The pulse function reduces heat input and prevents heat distortion of the base material.

The BlackLine TIG 281 AC/DC has 50 memory slots for the user's own welding programmes,

and the AC frequency and balance can be adjusted. You can select a rectangular wave (great welding speed and excellent control of the weld pool), sine wave (traditional, soft arc) or a triangular wave (reduces heat input) as the wave form of the AC.

The machine can be equipped with a torch-mounted, held-hand or pedal-activated remote control.

Technical Details

Connection voltage 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Maximum rated power 12.7 kVA

Fuse size 25 A

Load capacity ED % @ 40 °C TIG 280 A / 35%, 230 A / 60%, 200 A / 100%
  MMA 250 A / 40%, 210 A / 60%, 180 A / 100%

Welding current circuit TIG 5 − 280 A
  MMA 10 − 250 A

Protection rating IP215


DC Yes

AC Yes

AC/DC mix Yes

Arc focusing Yes

AC balance adjustment Yes

AC rectangular wave Yes

AC sine wave Yes

AC triangular wave Yes

AC pulse welding Yes

Weight 40.5 kg

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