The Wallius LMC 320 represents Finnish technology, workmanship quality and materials at their best. The weld is even in quality, the machine user-friendly and the work productive. Thanks to the machine's durability and excellent technical qualities, the sticking tendency of weld spatter is reduced to a minimum. Hard-metal wire feed rolls and steel gears in the wire feeder are just some examples of Wallius' dedication to building a high-end welding machine.

Thanks to 14 voltage steps, a two-part inductor and electronic adjustment of wire feeding, adjustability is user-friendly for both thin and thick materials.

Polarity can be reversed with a quick disconnect connector, enabling the machine to also use gas-free filler wire. In addition, the excellent properties of the LMC 320 include aluminium welding and MIG-brazing with bronze wire, while first-rate duty cycle is guaranteed by fan cooling.

In addition, the machine's standard equipment includes a 230V socket on the front panel, effective fan cooling and led lights in the wire space to facilitate threading the wire feeder.

The machine's welding properties are at their best when mixed gas is used as protective gas. Uses: machine repairs, structural steel and installation work, industrial.

Wallius LMC 320 is manufactured in Finland
in compliance with standards EN 60974-1 and EN 50199.