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Magmaweld electrodes

MW 4600 ESR 13 - Rutile electrode for structural steel

Type: Rutile

An all-purpose rutile electrode for all-position welding except vertical down. Ideal for horizontal position filling, thin sheets and welding narrow grooves and places. Equally suitable for AC and DC. High rated current. Quiet and stable arc with fine-drop metal transfer. Easy ignition and re-ignition of the arc. Extremely smooth welds. Mixes with the base material without weakening. Slag detaches easily. Used for service and repair welding of all types of low-alloy steel where user-friendliness and excellent weld appearance is required.

Welding current: DC-, AC OCV 50 V
MW 4600

Ratings Approvals Typical
weld metal analysis
EN 499
E 38 0 RC 12
BV2 grade C 0.08
Mn 0.6
Si 0.4

Re-drying temperature °C: 100-110
Drying time, hours: 1
Yield strength, MPa: 520
Tensile strength, MPa: 560
Tensile strain, %: 28

Impact strength:
Testing temperatures, °C

Impact strength values, J


Diameter     2.5 3.2
Length     350 350
Welding current A     60-90 100-140

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