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Magmaweld electrodes

MW 4800 ESB 50 - Alkali electrode for structural steel

Type: Alkali

A basic alkali electrode for performing hard and rupture-free weld joints, also in steels with a carbon content of up to 0.4%. Weld metal recovery approximately 120%.
Excellent functional properties, also in position welding. The weld metal has excellent toughness properties to a temperature of -60˚ C. Suitable for the welding of steel frames, bridges, pipes, containers and pressure vessels.

Welding current: DC+, OCV 50 V
MW 4800

Ratings Approvals Typical
weld metal analysis
EN 499
E 42 3 B 42
H 10
E 42 3B 42

EN 499 E 42 3B 42


grade 3YH

grade 3Y

grade 3YH10

grade 3YH10

C 0.08
Si 0.5
Mn 1.2

Re-drying temperature °C: 300
Drying time, hours: 2
Yield strength, MPa: 530
Tensile strength, MPa: 570
Tensile strain, %: 28

Impact strength:
Testing temperatures, °C

Impact strength values, J


Diameter     2.5 3.2
Length     350 350
Welding current A     60-90 100-130

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