Wallius Hitsauskoneet Oy
Muurlantie 510
FI-25130 Muurla, Finland

Timo Wallius
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Asko Kinnunen
Sales Manager

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Wallius Welding Machines
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Welding excellence since 1949

Historical imagesWallius Hitsauskoneet Oy manufactures hard-wearing, premium quality welding machines for a wide range of welding applications. Our product range includes compact MIG/MAG semiautomatic machines for repair welding and professional use as well as heavy-duty MIG/MAG power sources and welding inverters for industry.

Long-standing family business

Wallius Hitsauskoneet Oy has a long history as a successful family business. The company began operations in 1949 as an electrical installation company established by Kaino and Hilma Wallius in Muurla, Finland. In the 1950s, the company focused on electrification, but as a side line the company's own workshop began manufacturing welding transformers. The couple's persistence and creativity was rewarded, and additional support for the business was also found within the family.

Specialising in welding machines

During the 1960s, Wallius' electrical installation operations and welding machine manufacture grew in parallel. At the beginning of the 1970s, the operations were separated as their own companies, and Sähkö Wallius Oy and Kone Wallius Oy were established. A partnership contract with the Finnish cooperative Hankkija turned Kone Wallius into a national-level operator and regular exports of welding machines began in 1980. As of 1990, the company has operated under the name Wallius Hitsauskoneet Oy.

Reliable quality from father to son

Today, Wallius Hitsauskoneet Oy combines the drive and enthusiasm of the next generation with more than 60 years' expertise in the industry. Our products are modern, high-end brands that endure both time and hard use.

All Wallius products are fully compliant with the safety requirements and other product requirements of the industry. The company operates according to sustainable development principles and manages and provides for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

We are members of the SELT association of electrical and electronics industry producers, which is responsible for overseeing the recycling obligations of Finnish electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers and importers, and of the Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd,